Just before Queensday, two projects of The Patching Zone were awarded a 'Best Practice' award by Virtueel Platform (sectorinstitute for E-culture). According to their own website, Virtueel Platform gives these awards to the 'most innovative and inspiring new media products in arts, culture and society'. The two winning projects are: Go-for-IT! and Plantas Parlantes.


Our Recycle-X team has created a manual in which they share their experience with sustainable living and community thinking. If you want to download this manual, please click here.

Coming September The Patching Zone will be represented at the ISEA 2011 in Istanbul. The workshop proposal 'A weird/wonderful street fair' from Digital Art Lab is accepted for ISEA.

On January 1st, The Patching Zone founder Anne Nigten will be appointed as a parttime professor for Popculture, innovation and sustainability at the Hanzehogeschool/Minerva in Groningen.


The book 'Real projects for real people, volume 1' is now available. The authors take us on a rich journey of practice lead research and development that is grouped around four projects that were developed in The Patching Zone’s first two years (2008-2010). It highlights the theory and research approach that were applied; the outcomes are illustrated by the team members’ contributions through photo-essays, papers, design sketches and interviews with the stakeholders.