The Patching Zone adds a new member to the Supervisory Board: Jan Oosterman. Jan takes the place of dr. Annejet Meijler in the Board. We would like to thank Annejet for her contribution to our organisation in the last years and we welcome Jan aboard.

The Patching Zone is very proud to present our new book 'Real Projects For Real People, vol. 2'. This second book of this series is a reflection of the Digital Art Lab project.


Two members of our Recycle-X team, Javier Busturia and Ricardo Nascimento, will be present at the TechnoEcologies festival in Riga, Latvia starting November 3rd. J


More than one year ago The Patching Zone started the Digital Art Lab project in collaboration with CKC Zoetermeer (Centre for Arts and Culture). Digital Art Lab focuses on innovation in art education by combining tradional artclasses with digital technology.

At the Open Day of CKC Zoetermeer on May 21th, the Digital Art Lab team launched their self-developed dancing game Break-it-down. The objective of the game is to exactly copy dancemoves that are shown on the screen. To monitor the movement of the players the game uses two Wii-controllers, that players attach to their arms.

The game was very popular at the Open Day, a lot of youngsters stayed around at the Lab to break the latest high score or to dance along with the other players. For a special video of the Digital Art Lab at the Open Day, please click here.