“I believe in the interdisciplinary approach of The Patching Zone. It leads to surprising products.” Mettina Veenstra, January 18th, 2013. 

In November 2012, Dr. Mettina Veenstra joined The Patching Zone’s Board of Supervisors. Before joining the board, she was a member of the ambassadors network of The Patching Zone.


Check out our post about Mediawharf – Streetwise Billboards on the blog of our partner Crisp.

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The Patching Zone is a Kenteq certified practitioners centre. We are now an official leer-werkbedrijf for students and offer internships for Human Technology and ICT students (vocational education).

In 2013 The Patching Zone and Zadkine South will continue their collaboration with Kosmopolis Rotterdam, despite the fact that Kosmopolis Rotterdam has to close down. The municipality decided to cut the budgets of Kosmopolis Rotterdam as of January 1st, even though their long-term plan was approved. For years Kosmopolis Rotterdam has been a valuable partner for The Patching Zone due to their knowledge, experience and network in Rotterdam.

Victor joined our team in September, we are very happy to have him.